Green housing or green construction refers to a structure whose design, construction and operation is sustainable , resource efficient ,and the design and material used is such that it allows indoor environmental quality enhancement, operations and maintenance optimization, waste reduction,structure and design efficiency and reduces the overall impact of built environment on human health and natural environment.Green housing requires diverse collection of practices and techniques to implement an optimized plan that eliminate the negative impact of construction.Using sunlight ,green roofs, rain gardens, onsite generation of renewable energy,reducing water consumption ,energy efficient building material and other products that are non toxic, reusable , renewable is key to effective implementation of sustainable strategies.Productivity can be significantly impacted by certain aspects of green building design such as improved lighting, reduction of pollutants, advanced ventilation systems and the use of non-toxic building materials.

ADDI aims to establish best practices in energy efficiency,resource conservation, and development processes.We provide environmental green building strategy,improvement plans,assessment and compliance related consultation.Our team of engineers and workers employ certified techniques that may be able reduce as much as 30 %  overall consumption.We understand and aspire to build  green housing structures and promote renovating practices,creating a high performance energy efficient housing .

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